Thu, 02/12/2010 - 23:49

Tremough Campus occupation, Falmouth

Tremough Campus occupation report (university of exeter)

30 of us are currently in the busy lower stannary building occupying and sitting in against the education cuts. We are refusing by direct action to pay for the crisis of the bankers and greedy politicians who are ruthlessly putting profits before people. Students in the occupation understand that this action must be followed by a wider workers movement against education cuts and the public sector massacre in general. Falmouth is already one of the poorest cities in the European Union, and this university is at the heart of its local economy and culture, brutal cut backs now will throw back all the progress made in the area back into a bleak era of thatcherism.

"We feel that its a necessary protest to show the university management that they need to be more vocal with national media and to oppose the governments cuts to arts and creative degree funding." a Falmouth Student said.

"the coalition are launching an attack on students and the public sector and we feel its vital that we send out a strong message to this government to say that young people deserve a future. We will not tolerate the assault on the futures of students." a Truro college student said.

"It is not acceptable that our government feels that education is the right of the wealthy few. we must fight to promote education for all." a University of Exeter student said.

Our university claims to have spoken out against funding cuts in creative arts departments as well as sky high increases in tuition fees, but student here recognise that real action must come from united action by students and university workers.


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