SF-IWA calls for national week of action against Office Angels (9-15 May)

Since March the Solidarity Federation (SF) has been involved in supporting a victimised former Office Angels temporary worker. Dan worked for Office Angels for three days in December of last year. He was assured by the company that the lack of a time-sheet would 'not be a problem'. However, Office Angels are refusing to pay him the wages he is owed - falsely claiming he only worked for one day, despite them having called him at work on his third day.

SolFed Constitution

~ as amended by Federal Conference, April 2015

Section 1: Affiliation to the SolFed

1a) Conditions of affiliation
Affiliation to the Solidarity Federation is conditional on agreement to abide by the Aims, Principles and Constitution, and on the payment of all applicable subscriptions.
Certain workers have roles and interests that are incompatible with the aims and principles of anarcho-syndicalism and are barred from membership. These include:

Your rights at work during the coronavirus pandemic

Your rights at work during the coronavirus pandemic


The current coronavirus crisis is putting workers at risk, both financially and in terms of their health and wellbeing. We need to do all we can to protect ourselves in this crisis, and we have set out below the areas of employment law that we feel are most relevant. In doing so, we hope it will be an aid for workers in getting organised in order to defend themselves and staying safe during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Information for workers

If you need to stay at home because you, or someone you live with, have coronavirus symptoms, you could be eligible to Statutory Sick Pay from day one. Employers should be flexible regarding medical evidence as in some cases you will be asked to self-isolate for up to 14 days. If your workplace closes due to coronavirus, under the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme you will receive 80% of wages up to £2,500 per month.

Coronavirus: Your rights at home and at work

Below we have prepared some information about your rights during the coronavirus pandemic as well as mutual aid groups that have emerged to help people with self-isolation.

If you have any trouble with these rights and want support, then please get in touch. Rights are the bare minimum, and some workers or tenants might want to take the initiative in responding to this crisis themselves, we are happy to help with this as well. At SolFed we aren’t lawyers or representatives, but we are happy to take direct action to help each other out in our struggles.

Care Worker Organising in a Pandemic

Care Worker Organising in a Pandemic

Care workers right now are facing a huge challenge. We were overworked, at risk and underpaid before Covid-19 came along. A lot of us are facing massive upheaval in our work and personal lives. Lockdown is stopping us from seeing our friends, family and colleagues, and the demands now placed on the NHS, care homes and other workplaces have increased and changed rapidly. So now more than ever we are asking, what can we do?

What are we facing?

Some of the issues we are facing are new, and some are old problems exacerbated by the current crisis. The first one we are going to look at is the most common and well known right now.