Tue, 27/10/2015 - 22:12

Fascists seen off in Bristol

Attempts by the nazi Bristol United Patriots to march through Bedminster, on Saturday 17th October, ended with them being routed and seen off. Their feeble attempts to mobilise failed to happen because of community action and brave resistance by anti-fascists. Members of Bristol Solidarity Federation joined up with others to ensure that they were not free to spread their message.

One Bedminster resident said he "was chuffed to fuck" to see people willing to come to his neighbourhood and stand up to racists and fascists.

Finally the nazi scum ended up penned into a narrow lane between the cathedral and a hotel. As they were later escorted out of town by the police they came under verbal and physical abuse. At one point a group of nazi thugs drinking in habourside pub felt the fury and anger of anti-fascists. The short and brutal response showed them what to expect each and ever time they try to show up in Bristol.