Fri, 19/08/2016 - 10:36

Shoddy Employment, Shoddy Boss

No contracts, unsure of the terms of employment, working to the whim of management, sound familiar? We are currently in a dispute with  Upper Crust Hove (no not the yellow chain everywhere) the one in West Hove’s golf club.

The worker came to Solfed for help after not being paid her full notice period pay, following having her hours changed upon them, which in effect forced them to leave employment.

This was not a mutual agreement; this was punishment for taking an agreed holiday which management forgot about.

Due to the fact nothing was laid out before hand, the ambiguity of terms and conditions leaves the power to management to do as they  please. That is until workers start fighting for themselves.

The boss has paid the worker what they think is owed, rather than what their initial verbal contract entailed. Although they state that they changed the contract, this was not agreed mutually or put in writing, and seems to have targeted out this lone worker.

Actions have started to apply pressure to the workplace to resolve this wage theft. Watch this space!