Mon, 24/10/2022 - 16:10

Solidarity with FE & Higher Education Workers voting for Strike Action

The Solidarity Federation Education Union (SFEU), welcomes the news that workers in Further and Higher education have voted to take strike action on pay and pensions. On both counts, the voting threshold was attained (some 84.9% in favour with a 60.2% turnout for strikes over pension cuts and 81.1% in favour with a 57.7% turnout on real term pay cuts).

As a unitary union that organises workers from all sectors of education across traditional divides, we support this action as a collective step in the fight back over our worsening conditions in pay, pensions and general conditions. We also support solidarity between different sectors of workers who are currently fighting the same kind of erosion in pay and conditions, from health workers through to firefighters. Our strength lies in our power to resist attacks by bosses and governments alike (even those supposedly on the left). The current trade unions divide workers according to place of work and their job within the workplace; our syndicalist union unites all workers to fight for improvements now and for a cooperative and equal society in the future. We have no paid officials, just workers who support each other through organising, education, mutual aid and plain old solidarity.

Solidarity Federation Education Union (SFEU), Organising Committee, Leeds