Tue, 12/03/2024 - 18:25

Humanities under attack in HE

The assault against Higher Education provision in the UK continues apace. In particular, those subjects that are deemed too expensive or that don't force graduates down the narrow road of making money for money's sake - these are the ones suffering an onslaught as departments and units are downsized or closed.

The humanities, modern languages and the arts in general, continue to face obliteration. Oxford Brookes, Aberdeen, Lincoln are just some of the universities where these subjects are being eliminated or significantly reduced. Staff are being laid off. Students' futures are being mortgaged off. Horizons are being obscured as universities plead financial penury.

But the loss for our population will be greater: fewer opportunities to study what inspires us and everything reduced to its monetary value. The established unions, while making some noises and campaigning locally, appear more interested in their own leadership elections. The Solidarity Federation Education Union is non-hierarchical, which means it is led by its members. 100% of our collective energy is directed at protecting the future of higher education and your job. In contrast, with the re-election of the UCU general secretary, not much will change in terms of strategy, foresight and action.