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Education Worker #6 out now!

Tue, 01/02/2011 - 20:52

The latest issue of Education Worker, the newsheet of the Education Worker Network is available online now.  (See attachment below)

Read about student demos, academy schools, pensions and actions in the education sector.

If you want copies to hand out get in touch with us at ewn@ewn.org.uk.

PDF icon ew6a4version.pdf176.83 KB


So I just want to say, this issue was great and I gave it to a co-worker who wanted to know more about a academy schools, but once my other co-workers saw it, they all wanted copies.  Then they were googling "EWN" and "Education Worker" in the staff room!

That said, I really, really don't like the "Three R's" graphic....just a bit too ANARCHY, know what I mean?

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