Sun, 30/01/2011 - 10:43

SolFedders March Against Fees and Cuts

On Saturday 29th January, at least a dozen SolFedders from London and the surrounding area joined thousands of students, trade unionists, and workers to march in opposition to cuts to services, job losses, and increases in fees.  A similar demonstration was held Manchester where Aaron Porter, the sellout head of the NUS, had to be escorted away by police as he was taunted and chased by angry demonstrators.  Needless to say, SFers in both cities applaud the Manchester crowd in recognizing that sometimes our class enemies try to speak in our name.

Here in London, after the initial march was completed some of us went to have much-needed pint while others took the opportunity to join a breakaway march to Egyptian embassy to show solidarity with workers and students in struggle in Egypt and across the wider Middle East.   For those of us in North London, this was the inaugural appearance of our swanky new banner.  It proved to be a hit with it's eye-catching design, drawing like-minded demonstrators from the crowd to chat and march with us.  Please see our pictures below and we'll look forward to seeing you on the streets.


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