Sat, 14/12/2019 - 18:01

What Next After Labours Defeat?

Some optimism in a dark time…

This isn’t about saying “I told you so!” We have close friends and solid comrades who put their faith and energy into Corbyn and the Labour party. We have nothing but sympathy and condolences for them. The loss of hope must feel like a bereavement. We’re sorry, collectively, for the anguish that millions of people are feeling today.

But we can help, and we can offer an alternative. We know now that no-one is coming to save us. That’s OK. We can save ourselves. Solfed and the Anarchist/Libertarian Left have always believed that real power comes from below, not above. We don’t have to wait for another socialist politician to rescue us from the Tories, we can save ourselves. We believe that politics starts at home, in our relationships with our families, friends, communities and workmates. We know that electoral politics is off the cards, at least for a few years. So let’s try an alternative strategy.

Let’s build real, strong, communities and workplaces that can fight back against the ruling class. Let’s do it ourselves, and not wait five years for another roll of the parliamentary dice. Politics is about what we do ourselves, not who we choose to do it for us.

Here’s our suggestions:

Talk to your neighbours. Find out what issues are troubling people in your community or neighbourhood. Get together, hold meetings, find out what skills and resources you have between you, and come up with a plan to fix the problems. Talk to other neighbourhoods, work together, and start building a groundswell of organised communities. Don’t trust the police, politicians, companies or charities; they’re not our friends. Last night proved that.

Talk to your workmates. Find out what’s going at work, what people are scared of, stressed by, or angry about. Get together and hold workplace meetings. Come up with a plan and start fighting back. Talk to other workers, and start building a movement of free, self-managed workers’ organisations. Don’t trust the bosses, politicians or the mainstream trade unions-they’re not on your side!

Break the rules. Political power is only worth anything if it can be enforced. If you’re strong enough to fight back then there’s nothing they can do to hurt you.
Keep talking. Spread the word and the ideas. Especially, talk about your victories and successes. This stuff sounds impossible until we realise how easy it is.

Be kind to each other. There’s strength in numbers and connectedness is power. Your allies and friends are the only things you have. Cherish them

This isn’t a recruitment drive. Don’t join Solfed if you don’t want to. But do talk to us-we can offer an alternative

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