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Communications blockade: Tell Ryanair's billionaire chairman to stop exploiting cabin crew!

Tue, 27/11/2012 - 11:43

To celebrate David Bonderman's birthday on November 27th, Liverpool Solidarity Federation and the Ryanair Don't Care campaign are calling for a communications blockade of TPG's London office. Bonderman is a founding partner of TPG. He is also the chairman and director of Ryanair.

He introduced the employment practices at Ryanair which continue to exploit thousands of young people all over Europe wishing a career in aviation as cabin crew, at the same time making millions in lining Bondeman and O'Leary's pockets. Mr Bonderman started his career in the Attorney General's office in the U.S in Civil Rights. In 2009 after Bonderman was contacted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley and a protest took place outside TPG Capital head office in London his wikipedia career history was changed to ''special assistant''.


Ryanair have the largest monthly recruitment drive in aviation worldwide.

From 8th November till 8th December 2012 Ryanair have 27 cabin crew recruitment days in this 4 week period for potential cabin crew jobs at Ryanair.

We can confirm Easyjet over the same period have ZERO recruitment days.

The attendance numbers at a Ryanair cabin crew recruitment day can be between 30 to 120 students..

A training fee of up to 3,000 euro is charged by Ryanair's so called third party trainer providers with a 60% TERMINATION rate of new recruits under 12 months and before any employment protection comes in to place.



Contact details for TPG worldwide: http://www.tpg.com/contact
Please send emails and faxes to as many addresses as possible. Send free faxes here: http://www.freepopfax.com/

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/103937119773427/

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