Fri, 16/03/2012 - 21:32

End Ryan Air Recruitment Scam

Members of Northampton Solidarity Federation went to Birmingham International Airport this afternoon (16th March) to picket Ryan Air passengers as they checked in. This was an attempt to get the passengers to complain about the exploitative nature of the company's recruitment procedure. The leaflet labelled it a SCAM, for that is essentially what it is.

This was in part of the International Week of Action called by the International Workers Association, who have thrown their support behind the RyanAir Don't Care Campaign. This week was identified to coincide with a RyanAir sponsored race at the Cheltenham Festival.

The response was reasonably positive. We got the gist that most people resent travelling with RyanAir. We had quite a lot of reasonable chats with people, before unwittingly approaching an airport official. Having made the powers that be aware of our presence, we made an amicable departure (not on a RyanAir flight!). On the way back we stopped off in Coventry City Centre to distribute our remaining stock of leaflets, and to tell people RyanAir (or their agents) make money from sacking people We added that RyanAir have a cynical attitude towards its workforce and are known for Anti-worker practices 

Ryan Air's current policy of recruitment-for-termination is part of the the massive exploitaiton of poepl who apply to work for the company. As it stands potential crew have to pay a fee of 3000 Euro through an agency to undergo training for RyanAir. As amny as 60 people are sacked at any one time after this initial training period, up to 200/month. Those who survive are put on a 12 month probationary period on lower pat than normal cabin crew and RyanAir pocket the difference, as much as £20million per year.

We are asking people to boycott the airline; and to phone fax and email RyanAir to complain about the exploitstive recruitment practices.

RYANAIR: Phone +353 1 812 1212 | Fax: +353 1 812 1676 | Email via

Demand dignity and respect for all crew and staff. Demand the end of recruitment-for-termination