Sun, 25/09/2011 - 22:37

Student Radicals: an incomplete history of protest at the University of Sussex 1971-75

Ed Goddard's excellent pamphlet on student radicalism at Sussex. Ed Goddard is a former member of Brighton SF currently living in Italy, and an admin of the website. Download as a pdf here.

Sussex University has a reputation for radicalism - and it’s a well-earned one. In this pamphlet former Sussex student Ed Goddard retrieves some of the lost history of this radical tradition. In one 5 year period from 1971 to 1975, Sussex saw protests, assessment boycots, and rent strikes, as well as a questioning of the role and purpose of education itself, and what a truly free education - free from the limitations of capitalist society - could look like. Today, with education oncemore on the front lines, it’s more important than ever to understand our own forgotten history of struggle.