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Conference: defeating cuts in education

THIS Saturday (29th May 2010), 12pm – 6pm in Brighton. Join the Facebook event. Venue to be confirmed very soon here and on Facebook.

As a new government is getting ready to attack the living conditions of ordinary people, students and education workers have already had experiences with cuts – and how we can stop them. We will try to draw the lessons from the strikes, occupations and other forms of direct action taken in HE and FE over the last months. How can we build effective alliances between students and workers? How can we act in solidarity across education establishments? How can we organise from below to defend education?

National conference with talks and workshops, open to students and education workers.

Organised by Anarchist Society and Brighton Solidarity Federation for the Autonomous Students Network and the Education Workers Network.

For more information, contact education.cuts.conference [at]


Introductory session:
- Reports from local anti-cuts campaigns
- EWN and ASN speakers
- General discussion


Workshops (A) practical focus:
- Propaganda/graphics and layout/campaign websites
- How to occupy : practical barricading

Workshops (B) focus on organising:
- Organising with trade unions – from student perspective
- Organising with trade unions – from worker perspective
- Keeping campaigns democratic / meetings workshop

Workshops (C) strategy & analysis:
- What is direct action?
- Communication and massification : from activist group to movement
- Organising as an industrial network

Plenary discussion