Sat, 23/06/2012 - 16:44

Maintaining the pressure on Holland & Barrett in Brighton

Brighton Solidarity Federation and the Brighton Benefits Campaign picketed the London Road branch of Holland & Barrett this morning (23rd June). We had a warm reception from the public, giving out several hundred leaflets during the three hours we were there and turning at least half of their trade away. 

So many potential customers decided to shop elsewhere that a member of staff came out and started a loud argument, accusing us of having physically blocked people from coming in to the shop. It was unfortunate that his rant was based on the fact that customers had been ‘in the doorway’ before turning away – proving that they found Holland & Barrett’s use of workfare far more off-putting than our picket.

We also spoke to people who had been on the work programme, as well as people with disabilities who have been put in the Work-Related Activity Group following reassessment by ATOS. These conversations underlined the significant and negative impact that benefit changes are having on a wide range of people.

Brighton Solidarity Federation will be supporting the National Week of Action against Workfare between the 7th and 14th of July – look out for more information on our plans in the next couple of weeks.