Wed, 10/07/2013 - 19:49

The death of Thatcher, British Prime Minister 1979 - 1990, was marked by celebration across the left and by working people everywhere. Members of the Belfast Local of the Solidarity Federation were certainly among those celebrating. Unfortunately the jubilation at her death all too often descended into sectarianism in the north - a figure despised by so many could have provided a focus for much working class celebration.
The ‘Iron Lady’s’ record in power saw working class communities crushed, the miners not least among them, millions were thrown on the dole, in the north her policies amounted to nothing more than pouring petrol on the flames of the conflict.
Her legacy is still alive and well. In the 80s it was dubbed ‘Thatcherism’. Interchangeable with ‘Reganomics’ this was the start of a capitalist global offensive against the gains previously made by working people the world over.
In more recent times this offensive has been called neo-liberalism. What it is is increasingly aggressive capitalism.
The bad old days of Thatcherism did not end when direct action against the Poll Tax forced her out of office. They have not faded to nothing with her death. The wicked witch may be dead but a very virulent form of capitalism is still with us.
The current ‘recession’ is part and parcel of her legacy. We are still suffering due to job losses, worse terms and conditions, a lack of funds for education, healthcare, benefits and services. Working class communities are still bearing the brunt despite the fact that it is we who create all of societies wealth.
Capitalism is getting back to basics - we need to do the same.
We’ve seen Thatcher buried. Now - while we still draw breath - lets bury capitalism!