Mon, 05/03/2012 - 21:20

Solent Solfeds First Picket!

Solent Solfed answered the call from Boycott Workfare on Saturday morning (3rd March) and joined a picket outside Primark in Portsmouth’s Commercial Road. A small group of anarchists from Solfed, Surrey and Hants Afed, and Portsmouth Anarchists turned out alongside the local SWP group. Although the anarchists and socialists had their own specific leaflets it was good to see political differences put to the side to unite against workfare. Our leaflets were drawn up and printed by Surrey and hants Afed, (thanks guys!).

The cops came for a quick chat and to read the leaflets, with one saying he would be with us if he didn’t have to work…not sure we believed him! Once they realised we were peaceable types with no commanding officer they warned Primark what was happening and left us to it. The reaction from the public seemed good; the only problem was that we ran out of the anarchist leaflets really quickly!

Solent Solfed will be supporting Brighton’s call for a national day of action on 31st March, focussing on workfare, as part of the worldwide days of action against austerity called by the International Workers Association, and also the March 31st day of action against capitalism.