Tue, 13/08/2013 - 07:32

Support the workers at Curzon Cinema

North London Solidarity Federation sends out fullest solidarity and support to the workers at Curzon cinemas.  Struggling against precarity, zero-hours contracts, management disrespect, and low wages, the workers at Curzon have been fighting to establish a union in their workplace.

Workers at over 8 cinemas across London have demanded a union.  They submitted a petition with over 1500 supporter signatures and have framed their demands not only in terms of their own material interests, but in protecting the integrity of the independent film industry. In response, management has ignored workers' demands for collective meetings and set up a faux-employee representation program.

But workers have not been deterred.  They're boycotting meeting with management that they don't feel lives up to their collective expectations and have expressed a willingness to escalate the campaign until management takes their grievances seriously.  When that happens, they can count on the full support of North London SF.

Visit the Curzon workers Facebook page here.