Sun, 13/02/2011 - 09:46

In the spirit of revolutionary self-education, members of the North London Local of the Solidarity Federation spent a couple hours this past Saturday learning the basics of computer design and layout.  In a relaxed atmosphere, we put to good use the skills of one of our members as he set up a projector and walked us through the steps of designing a newsletter before installing the design programme on each of our personal computers (open source, of course).

All attendees agreed it was an enjoyable and educational experience and are looking forward to the second section of the workshop which will build on our basic knowledge and move from the "how" to the theory and good practice of successful layout and design. 

This training was hopefully just the first in a series of London-wide skills workshops where members, using the skills they already have, host sessions to spread those skills around and increase the general skills base of the organization.  Hope to see you there.