Mon, 13/11/2023 - 16:52

London SolFed and Hackney Anarchists picket IKEA in support of CNT-AIT (Spain) in dispute with Foldeco

On Sunday, 12th of November, members of North London Solidarity Federation and Hackney Anarchists, who can be contacted at, held a solidarity picket outside of the Greenwich IKEA in support of our comrades in CNT-AIT Madrid who are in dispute with an IKEA contractor; Foldeco Development S.L.

Foldeco uses racist abuse against its workforce in an effort to keep them in line and squeeze more productivity out of them. We handed out over 150 flyers to customers going in and out of IKEA detailing this abuse, and encouraged them to take their custom elsewhere, as IKEA is directly profiting from Foldco’s bullying of its workforce. The reaction to our picketing was generally positive and some people stopped for a longer chat with us.

Solidarity to everyone internationally who suffer under a system that puts profits ahead of human dignity.

leaflet (see attached) -

For more than three years our fellow CNT-AIT union member has been working at Foldeco Development S.L. in Spain and has been suffering extremely harsh workplace harassment. Because of this abuse our comrade has had to seek medical treatment for anxiety and has been on sick leave since last November.
Foldeco is a subcontractor of IKEA and, until IKEA ensures its subcontractors respect their workers, it is an accomplice in the mistreatment of Foldeco's workforce, profiting from Foldeco's abuse, and you should reconsider supporting IKEA with your custom. CNT-AIT Madrid is engaged in a labour dispute with Foldeco on behalf of our comrade and his fellow workers, filing complaints and taking legal action.
This mistreatment includes
* twelve hours days without overtime pay,
* handling of toxic substances without adequate personal protective equipment,
* denial of holiday days,
* preventing staff from going to see their doctor,
* the manipulation of working times and shifts in order to hide excess working hours in breach of contract,
* and all this is under constant threats of dismissal or pay cuts.
As a result of demanding his rights, and denouncing his mistreatment to managers and owners, our comrade has suffered threatening behaviour, insults, humiliation, and even physical aggression. We must single out Mr. M, whose children own and manage the company, and who, with the complicity of those children, verbally insulted and physically pushed our comrade in an unsuccessful attempt to provoke a violent reaction.
The area manager J.C.V, a deputy head in the profile wrapping machines department and relative of the general manager, has also tried to force more work out of our comrade and other staff members through racist and xenophobic insults, without any fear that he might suffer consequences for his disgusting behaviour.

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