Mon, 24/03/2014 - 21:21

HSBC targeted for Las Heras complicity

Today's international day of action called by FORA saw Newcastle Local picketing the city-centre branch of HSBC, who provide finincial services to YPF the state-owned Argentinian oil company, making them complicit in the repression & persecution of Las Heras workers.

The absence of an Argentine consulate proved no barrier to Tyneside workers joining with IWA-AIT comrades in demanding the freedom of all Las Heras workers and the end of state-sponsored attacks on those fighting for their rights.

Almost immediately we unfurled our banner demanding Absolucion delos Petroleros, goons in suits from the bank were demanding to know what 'right' we had to picket the bank - Solidaridad Internacional! was our reply. For the rest of the picket several suits attempted to block our banner, however their pathetic attempt at intimidation only served to illustrate what bankers they are, as the picket grew in size and passers-by stopped to take a flyer and express sympathy for Las Heras oil workers.

We ended the picket aware that once again on the streets of Newcastle, an international bank has been called out on their anti-worker practices - this time in Argentina and that working class solidarity knows no borders or limits.