Fri, 11/05/2012 - 13:55

1911: Liverpool in Revolt public meeting (audio+images)

Last year, around 50 people attended a public meeting hosted by Liverpool Solidarity Federation to discuss and commemorate the 1911 Liverpool general transport strike. The audio recording of the event is now finally available on Youtube accompanied by various images.

  • The first speaker was local historian Frank Carlyle who regularly appears on BBC Radio Merseyside. Frank talked about Liverpool's growth as a port city and the development of its working-class. Watch the video.
  • The second speaker was a SolFed member who had done extensive research into the events of 1911, some of the key figures involved in the strike and the influence of revolutionary trade unionism. Watch the video.

  • Our final speaker was Tony, a member of SolFed since the days when it was known as the Syndicalist Workers' Federation. Tony talked about the reality of working-class life today and the need for a labour movement based on militant solidarity, direct action and rank-and-file control. Watch the video.