Sun, 04/03/2012 - 20:28

Anti-workfare action in Brighton

Saturday March 3rd was a national day of action against workfare, called by Boycott Workfare. In Brighton, members of Solidarity Federation headed down to Jubilee Street to support the Brighton Benefits Campaign picket of Tesco.

Turnout was encouraging, with over 50 people in attendance. A sizeable socialist contingent marched from Tesco in St James Street to Jubilee Street, before moving on to McDonalds. As numbers were still high outside Tesco, we were able to take another group to picket the Tesco store on Queens Rd. This was quite successful in turning people away, with only one person manning the checkouts inside the store.

In total, at least 3 Tesco stores and one McDonalds were picketed across the city. Similar actions took place in over 30 cities in the biggest co-ordinated action against workfare so far. Campaigners are keen to keep up the pressure. Brighton SF are calling for March 31st to be a national day of action focussed on workfare, to tie in with the worldwide days of action against austerity called by the International Workers’ Association, and also the March 31st day of action against capitalism.