Fri, 04/05/2012 - 11:14

Workfare flashmob targets Bristol Stores

Dressed in prison garb Bristol Solidarity joined the 1st of May Group on their Workfare fashmob. The first action took place inside Primark, stunned shoppers were given leaflets as the Workfare Prisoners helped to stock shelves. Surprisingly security quickly bundled the workfare voulunteers out of the store. It would appear that having free-labour is only acceptable to them if the victims of this modern day slavery are hidden from the public eye.

Once outside the store the message was made load and clear. If you use unemployed workers in your stores, under the threat of benefit sanctions, you will be targeted. The entrance to Primark was soon guarded by around 8 uniformed police and their own security. Soon the flash mob moved on to other targets. Further pickets were held at the Holland and Barrett store in Cabot Circus and Wilkinsons on Union Street. Despite the heavy police presence the protests were generally good natured and no arrests were made.

This event was one of a diverse range of protests representing many struggles across Bristol to mark International Workers Day. Organisers promoted them as many facets of the same struggle; that against oppression for a free and just society.