Tue, 30/08/2011 - 11:46

Airport rooftop protest - the photos they don't want you to see

Below we reproduce some photographs of the rooftop protest held by John Foley at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. To avoid embarassment to the airport and Ryanair, the police placed a news blackout on the protest, meaning the local media were unable to report the story. As a result, Solidarity Federation was the only organisation publicising the action against Ryanair's exploitation of young cabin crew recruits.

The airport's management has particular reason to be concerned as they only realised John was on the roof of one of their buildings after he'd been there for over an hour and a local journalist informed them.

After spending 15 hours on the roof, John was arrested and spent 28 hours in police custody.

For those who don't know, John and the Ryanair Don't Care campaign are fighting for employees at Ryanair to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness. In particular, they are highlighting and fighting against the practise of recruitment-for-termination whereby new cabin crew recruits are charged 3000 euros for their training, with many being subsequently sacked at short notice before their probationary period has ended. You can watch two interviews with John where he speaks about the campaign and why it was set up on our YouTube channel here.

We reconfirm our solidarity with John and the Ryanair Don't Care campaign. An injury to one is an injury to all!