Wed, 07/03/2012 - 23:34

Workfare demo, Islington

As part of Boycott Workfare's National day of action against the government,s divisive workfare program, members of NLSF met up In Islington to show their opposition. McDonalds on Chaple Market was our first port of call. Loads of leaflet were handed and some good conversations were struck up, mostly in support of our presence outside these exploitative and unscrupulous shops. Although couple of the market stallholders gave us a bit of verbal and the McDonald's manager couldn't understand why his shop was being targeted as "they had nothing to do with the program", Chaple Market was undeniably supportive. Moving on to Upper St, the manager at Holland & Barrett just didn't want us there at all. We didn't plan staying there too long as some wanted to go to the main event in central London. But after the manager informed us they'd called the police, we thought we would stick around for a bit longer. The overall feeling of the day was that the majority of the people we met shared our views that the only people that would benefit from this was the government (by keeping unemployment figures down) and their friends, the bosses (who get a rolling stock of cheap labour). Like our banner said: WORKFARE IS AN ATTACK ON US ALL.