Fri, 30/09/2011 - 19:09

Solidarity with the Spanish Working Class

On the evening of 29th September, a number of SolFed members trekked to the swanky West End of London to stand in solidarity with the Spanish working class.

We arrived, banners in hand, first to the Spanish Consulate and then to the Embassy. Our arrival coincided with a national day of action called by a coalition of radical Spanish unions, including SF's sister organisation, the CNT. With events planned all over Spain, these militant workers and militant workers' organisations are calling for a general strike to overcome the brutal austerity cuts the Spanish state is attempting to force on Spain's working class.

Our protest was but one small in act in supporting that struggle. No matter the size, international acts of solidarity will be fundamental to beating back the tide of austerity not only in Spain, but in Europe and across the world.

Our friends in the CNT and in the Spanish working class can count on our support. We know we can count on theirs.

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