Sun, 08/06/2014 - 17:10

Solidarity Federation Workplace Organiser Training in Newcastle

There will be a Solidarity Federation Workplace Organiser Training Day on Saturday, June14th in Newcastle. 
If you would like to attend, please email training[AT]

The Solidarity Federation workplace organiser training programme is designed to give workers the tools and confidence to organise in their workplaces, whether or not there's an existing union. Even if you've had training from another union, you may find the direct action based approach we adopt offers a fresh perspective.

Whether you've got a union or not, join us for a workshop on how to create strong organisation in your workplace.

Topics include:
making contacts
building a 'shop committee'
cross-union activity
collectivising grievances
workplace mapping
types of direct action
the basics of an anarcho-syndicalist approach
role plays of one-on-ones, group meetings and confronting the boss!

Full details here.