Mon, 07/11/2016 - 11:09

SolFed is back in Liverpool!

After a few years’ absence, SolFed is back in Liverpool. During recent months, we have been meeting with comrades in Manchester, supporting their activities and trying to find out how to restart things here. Now a few of us have decided to take the step to start the process of becoming a SolFed Local.

Liverpool SolFed group is now holding regular meetings. We are starting some campaigns and are doing our first drop-in sessions around rights at work and housing issues. Of course, we will keep supporting Manchester and all the other SolFed locals, but now we are focused on restoring an anarcho-syndicalist presence in Merseyside.

We are a small group of workers interested in organising in our workplaces and communities. Our aims are to build a solidarity network against the abuses of bosses and landlords (wage theft, insecurity at work, high rents, evictions, etc.), to develop alternative cultural events and to fight back against all forms of authority.