Thu, 02/06/2011 - 20:36

This Saturday, Liverpool Trades Council have called for a People’s Assembly Against the Cuts. This all-day event is being organised as a forum for discussion and planning, with the possible aim of setting up an all-Liverpool anti-cuts campaign.

Liverpool Solidarity Federation believes that it is important working class people and communities organise themselves against attacks by the ruling class. That is why we welcome the idea of an all-Liverpool anti-cuts campaign, uniting communities, workplaces, the employed and unemployed, students and pensioners to challenge the most savage attacks our class has ever faced.

But we do not believe that this should be stage-managed from above. We believe such a campaign should be open, democratic and based on direct action. We argue for a movement built from below, where working class people take control of our own struggles as a precursor to taking control of our own lives, our own communities and our own workplaces.

It is vital that the current attacks are met with resistance. It is just as vital that this resistance is based upon mass participation and mass action. We urge those who agree with us to attend the meeting, where we will be taking part in the debate as well as circulating our proposal for the shape such a campaign should take.

See our event page here. The Trades Council also advertise the event here.