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How do you build a movement?

This article was written by a SolFed member and originally appeared in the "How do you build a movement?" column of the Occupied Times.

The article focuses on a practical approach to organising in which theory follows practice, is designed to appeal beyond a politicised core, and by which a movement is built by achieving concrete and escalating victories.

OT Issue 18 here.

Education Worker #6 out now!

The latest issue of Education Worker, the newsheet of the Education Worker Network is available online now.  (See attachment below)

Read about student demos, academy schools, pensions and actions in the education sector.

If you want copies to hand out get in touch with us at ewn@ewn.org.uk.

Royal Mail: Unofficial action gets results

Over one hundred postmen and postwomen at Runcorn Delivery Office decided to celebrate Bastille Day in style and hold a 24-hour unofficial strike against working conditions.

Postal workers have now been promised a five day, forty hour week, but must find it themselves by increasing their workload. Deliveries have been over-loaded at Runcorn for years and repeated requests to management and the union have fallen on deaf ears. Even when proposals were put forward, management refused to implement them.

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