Sat, 05/09/2015 - 12:40

Cambridge: Solfed local in formation

        A new Solidarity Federation local is being formed in Cambridge, and is holding regular meetings and activities.
        Since the start of the year we have been involved with or initiated a number of actions including:-
  •            Benefit Sanctions pickets of Job Centre
  •            Housing demos including of Property Fair and Letting Agents
  •            Boycott Workfare picket of Salvation Army shop.
  •            Support of John Lewis cleaners
        We have cooperated with an informal group of Unite Community activists on most of these actions.
        Among other thing we also organised a SolFed stall at this years Strawberry Fair.
        If you are in the Cambridge area and are interested in SolFed's ideas and wish to be involved in our ongoing activity,
        please get in touch via or the Cambridge Solfed facebook page.