Sun, 03/02/2019 - 12:25

The holiday season might be over, but your entitlement lasts all year!

We recently had another success against more shoddy employment practice. A well renowned central Brighton pub had not paid one of its workers any holiday entitlement and not provided payslips that matched the working hours completed. Unfortunately for them, their worker is a friend of Brighton SolFed and knew they were being stitched up.

Management were initially dismissive. They did think they might owe the worker an extra days pay, but we reminded them it was quite considerably higher. After a detailed demand letter was sent, the establishment paid their dues within the deadline. However, we still await the missing paperwork, so watch this space.


In the meantime, remember paid annual leave is a legal right that an employer has to provide, which is accrued as soon as you start working. If in doubt, talk to your colleagues, and Brighton SolFed will have your back!