Sun, 08/04/2012 - 22:29

Join us in Worthing for the Carnival for Choice!

Next Sunday (15th April) Brighton Solidarity Federation will be supporting the Carnival for Choice! in Worthing.

Carnival for Choice! is part of Brighton Pro Choice’s ongoing campaign against the anti-choice group Abort67. The group, based around a right-wing Christian church in Worthing, often protest outside the Brighton BPAS clinic. They are known for using US-style anti-choice tactics including photographing people entering the clinic and banners featuring graphic images of aborted foetuses to try and dissuade women from exercising their right to choose. Their aim is to have abortion outlawed, no matter the circumstances.

The Solidarity Federation sees attacks on women’s rights as an attack on all workers everywhere. Despite the limitations of abortion law as it stands, we will defend it against all attacks from the right and fight for the real right to choose. 

We will be there on Sunday with our banner and our band, please join the Carnival and show Abort67 that their bullying tactics are not acceptable here or anywhere.

Brighton Pro Choice
Carnival for Choice! facebook event