Sat, 29/01/2011 - 21:30

An article in the local newspaper, the Chronicle and Echo, talks about the fight against library closures in Northamptonshire, where 8 local libraries are earmarked for closure thanks to government 'austerity' cuts.

Another example of the class bias of the government. It's all okay for the rich to buy any number of books they may wish to read, but for many of us, particularly those on low incomes, libraries are a vital source of reading material, be i...t for leisure, information or study.

Children can access a whole range of books which most of us could only dream of providing for them at home.

Rather than close libraries, why not tackle tax avoidance? Close the loopholes, so companies like Vodafone can't avoid a suggested £6bn in taxes, or businessmen like Phillip Green can't pay £3bn dividends tax free?

Cut back? Fight back!

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