Sun, 26/02/2012 - 11:53

Retail Worker Outreach in Kilburn

Saturday the 25th of February saw six members of the North London Solidarity Federation hold a successful stall on Kilburn High Road. Donning hi-vis jackets emblazoned with SF logos and armed with a large batch of “Stuff Your Boss” workplace rights leaflets, we felt ready to face the Saturday shoppers.

We had some extremely useful conversations with members of the public, many of whom were facing attacks on their working situations and had felt let down by their trade unions. We also spoke to many of the non-unionised retail workers who stock shelves and scan barcodes in the shops which line the high street. Predictably, they had abysmal working conditions and many employees seemed genuinely grateful for the workplace rights leaflets, some taking extra copies to give to their workmates.

NLSF intends to make the Kilburn stall a regular event, which is something we made known to the local workers. We made clear that if they were facing any workplace issues, they are free to drop by the stall for a chat. We're glad to offer whatever information and support that we can.

If you live in Northwest London and would like to join us at our next stall or if you're a Kilburn worker who's got problems at work, please don't hesitate to contact us at nelsf (a)