Thu, 24/02/2011 - 00:20

The North London Local of the Solidarity Federation would like to show our deepest solidarity with the Wisconsin working class.  While we, like the IWW to whom this statement is directly addressed, share a critique of the trade unions we also recognize that the attack on public sector collective bargaining is much larger than the AFL-CIO.  It is full frontal assault on all workers in Wisconsin and will reverberate not only in that state but across the entire country.  Such a move will put downward pressure on the wages of private sector workers, organized and unorganized alike, will embolden employers to demand concessions, and, if successful, will likely be copied by state and local governments across the US.

We are heartened by the spontaneous forms of industrial action already being witnessed in Wisconsin: sick-ins by teachers supported by student walkouts; mass protests, demonstrations and disruptions in Madison; and the occupation of the capitol building.  These actions must continue and build.  Pressure must be stepped up on the state government, private-sector companies, and the entire employing class.  The power is our hands.

Finally, we agree with the IWW that a total general strike is the best defence the Wisconsin working class has against these draconian laws.  Much like the fact that the emancipation of the working class can only be achieved by the working class itself, the defense of the working class can not be left to union bureaucrats, politicians, or pressure groups.  It is working class power, exercised through class solidarity, that will beat back SB11.  You have our fullest support and solidarity.

Therefore NLSF is glad to make a donation to the Madison, Wisconsin branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.