Wed, 04/04/2012 - 17:09

Communication Workers Union HQ picketed in protest against workfare at Royal Mail

On Monday April 2nd members of London SF, Solent SF and the IWW joined Boycott Workfare activists to picket the headquarters of the Communication Workers Union over their support for workfare.

CWU officials have signed an agreement with the Royal Mail to allow DWP "Work Experience". People on the scheme face the threat of sanctions for refusal and if they do not take part they are likely to be sent on a number of other compulsory schemes.

The CWU leadership insists that their agreement with Royal Mail is for "voluntary" work experience only. Unless there is a guarantee that people leaving the scheme will not face sanctions the scheme is not voluntary. No such guarantee is in place.

Until CWU and the Royal Mail withdraw from workfare schemes our fight against it will continue.
The picket took place as part of the Solidarity Federation's campaign against all types of the government's workfare schemes.  Two days prior to the CWU picket, SF locals and supporters around the country picketed over 20 Holland and Barrett stores as part of an effort to pressure the company to pull out of the program. To read more about SF's anti-workfare campaign see

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