Calderdale SF on Catalonia: against police violence, against new states

Calderdale SF/IWA condemns the police violence against Catalan citizens on the 1st October 2017 who went to vote on what the Spanish state has declared to be an illegal referendum on independence. While, as anarchosyndicalists, we don't support the creation of a new state, which reflects mainly the interests of the Catalan bourgeoisie, we do condemn all police violence and intimidation against men, women and children. Instead of the creation of new states with warring police and capitalist factions pitted against one another, we favour the deeply embedded solution of libertarian federalism - free, self-managed communities that are plural, open and tolerant.

Voting and the General Election, Calderdale-SolFed statement

We all know the old saying ‘if you don't vote, you can't complain’. A better one would be ‘ if all you do is vote, you can't complain’.

Dig a little deeper into the history books and what you find at the heart of change is direct action and organisation at a grassroots level. Everything from workers rights, women's rights, decent wages and even the right to vote itself have been gained this way, rulers typically resist change until they know they have no choice but to throw a few more crumbs to the people below.

The Spanish Revolution (1936-1939) and its relevance today

To mark the anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, Calderdale Solidarity
Federation will be hosting an afternoon of film, discussion and archive
material from our Spanish sister section CNT-AIT.

Calderdale SolFed (in formation)

We are Calderdale Solidarity Federation, a new Local in-formation made up from members who live and/or work in the area of the Calder Valley - Halifax, Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge - and currently are active as members of West Yorkshire SF. Given the large area that WYSF covers, we have decided to form our own Local to spread anarcho-syndicalist ideas and ways of organising in our own communities, whilst still maintaining strong links with WYSF.

Please get in touch, at westyorkshire[at]solfed[dot]org[dot]uk or through the West Yorkshire SolFed contact point on this website, if you would like to get involved or find out more.



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