Fri, 13/01/2012 - 16:48

Solidarity with the La Senza Sit-In



UPDATE - From the La Senza Sit-In Facebook page:

"Victory!!!!! Thank you to everyone for the support!!! We are going to donate all the money we were given to AWARE!"

Congratulations from North London SolFed


Four women workers as the Dublin La Senza store have taken the bold step of occupying their workplace to ensure they get fair redundancies.  The protest has met with overwhelming support and the local community has come out to support these courageous workers.

The North London local of the Solidarity Federation pledges to support the La Senza workers any way we can, up to and including organising, participating in, and promoting any action or demonstrations called on their behalf.

For Militancy, Self-Organisation, and Solidarity: Victory to the La Senza Sit-In

Facebook page here:

North London Solidarity Federation (IWA)