Tue, 10/05/2011 - 17:14

National week of action against Office Angels: Brighton

As part of a national week of action against the Office Angels agency in a dispute over unpaid wages, members and supporters of Brighton SolFed today picketed the Brighton branch for the third time in a week. Management locked the doors, and when a passing member of the public went in to ask why they didn't pay their staff, they could only desparately claim we were "liars". The passer-by sharply pointed out we wouldn't be giving up our time to picket for the fun of it! And pickets will keep spreading until Dan gets paid.

We also had some good conversations with other passers-by, many of whom worked through agencies or had friends who did. The more we talk to people, the less Dan's case seems like a one-off. If you've been mistreated by Office Angels, please get in touch.