Mon, 06/02/2012 - 16:30

Members of the Solidarity Federation supported by TSol ( picketed the Adecco offices in Newcastle on the 3rd and 4th of February.
There was a good turnout as well as SF and TSol members there was a good smattering of AFers, CNTers, Wobblies and other non aligned anarchists with around 16 people turning up over the two days. Friday was perhaps the better picket with more interest and warmer weather. Adecco staff seemed to be prepared for the picket - or at least versed in what it's all about - from what we gleaned from their protestations that one of their rocket scientists made: "Adecco is an international company and our branch is not responsible for what goes on in other companies." Yeah right. Shortly followed up with the conversation stopper, "what's a scab, anyway?" We dished out hundreds of of leaflets highlighting Adeccos use of scab labour during the continuing dispute at Cordoba and generally had a good response. The cops were called but were friendly enough and opted for a hands off approach. All in all a very successful picket that, as part of a wider range of protests continues to pile the pressure on Adecco

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