Wed, 29/04/2020 - 13:42

Some 54% of staff in higher education are on insecure contracts, it is time for an alternative.

The “marketisation” of universities in the past decade has led to the increased use of insecure and precarious contracts. A report by the UCU found that  54% of all academic staff and 49% of all academic teaching staff are on insecure contracts.

If this was not bad enough, as a result of the Corvid-19, many universities are making temporary staff redundant rather than putting staff on furlough. With universities now facing an £8 billion deficit as a result of Covid-19, there can be little doubt that this is part of an overall strategy that will lead to cuts to jobs and pay in the future.

Already the University of Manchester has informed staff that they should expect job and pay cuts due to the pandemic. It goes without saying that every job and pay cut needs to be fought. But this has to go hand in hand with a wider vision for education. The marketisation of higher education has been a disaster for staff and students alike, it is time for an alternative.

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