As of April 2015, there is no active local in the Solent region. The nearest locals are Brighton and Bristol.

Portsmouth Poundland picket 2nd March 2013

Solent Solfed & CNT-AIT Caen


On the 2nd of March, Solent SolFed with comrades from Bristol and Brighton locals along with CNT-AIT Caen, Forest of Dean Anarchists, Wessex Solidarity and others, picketed Poundland in Portsmouth as part of our rolling campaign against the mendacious workfare provider (they keep staying they’ve pulled out). This particular shop had two employees working for JSA however.

Solent Solfed supports the Anti Fascist Network.

Anti-Facist Network

Over the past year or so, members of Solent Solfed (Local in formation) have attended anti-fascist actions and mobilisations at Tower Hamlets, Hastings, Bolton, Bournemouth, Brighton (twice), Fareham, Bristol, Chelmsford and Walthamstow. We urge all comrades to sign up to the Anti Fascist Network

Solent Solfed picket Domino’s Southampton

Members of Solent local of the Solidarity Federation picketed Domino’s pizza in Bitterne Southampton as part of the International Day of Action in support of Australian delivery drivers of  the General Transport Workers Association. Some interesting conversations were had with staff and public (hello Eddie!)

A communications blockade will follow on Monday 17th.

Report from our comrades in Caen, FranceFrance

Solent Solfed Members Join Two Pickets Last Week

Here are two members write ups of the pickets Solent SF were involved with last week!

Protest picket of the Communication Workers Union.

Fighting Workfare At Royal Mail

Most people will have heard about the CWU leadership endorsing the Royal Mail's participation in the workfare scheme, whilst at the same time ignoring rank and file members views on forced labour and attacks on workers rights.

Concerned posties from SOLFED, IWW, Boycott Workfare, and CWU send you the following call out, and request for solidarity.

See you on the picket!

Solent Solfed 


Open Letter to all members of the Communication Workers Union, (CWU)

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