We have a number of SolFed members in South and West Wales and although we may be isolated members at the moment, we are looking to organise and support the establishment of Locals. If you live in Wales and would like to join SolFed, then get in touch
More members, more action, more change.
Mae nifer o aelodau SolFed yn De a Gorllewin Cymru gyda ni; er ein bod yn aelodau ynysig ar hyn o bryd, dyn ni’n edrych i drefnu a chefnogi sefydlu Locals. Os dych chi’n byw yng Ngymru ac yn awyddus i ymuno â SolFed, yna cysylltwch â ni
Mwy o aelodau, mwy o weithredu, mwy o newid.


You can get in touch with us via the contact form on this site.