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Brighton Solfed office Fundraiser

Come down on the 23rd of April for an anarchoflavoured vegan Mexican lunch!

We will be fundraising for the Cowley Office Collective (SolFed, Brighton Anti-Facists, Brighton ABC)

It will be at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road Brighton, and we'll be serving from 12pm. Make sure to come along!

May Day Bash 2015 - in support of anarchists arrested in Operation Pandora

Newcastle SolFed are holding their annual May Day Bash on Saturday 2nd May at The Telegraph pub, Orchard Street, Newcastle - doors open 7-30pm. This year we will be raising awareness and hopefully a few quid in support of anarchists arrested in Operation Pandora, a Spanish State anti-terrorist initiative that has been used as a represive measure against those opposed to the State and Capital, with dozens of anarchists arrested. Spain has a long and strong tradition of anarchist organising and this abuse of civil liberties supported throughout mainstream Spanish media is a potent reminder of the origins of May Day in 1886, where anarchists in Chicago were framed in the famous Haymarket massacre. The media fuelled the witch hunt against those anarchists, demanding the death sentence which saw 4 of the accused hung, only to be pardoned 7 years later.

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