Belfast Anarchy Cafe

Belfast SolFed is pleased to announce that we will be starting the first in a series of informal, relaxed meetings about anarchism and anarchist unions at the monthly Anarchy Cafe in the Centre (aka Giros), Little Victoria Street, Belfast.

The Anarchy Cafe will take place on the last Monday of each month.

We will be starting on Monday 29th of April with a discussion on anarchism and the struggle for a woman's right to choose.. There will be a book stall, refreshments and snacks. Kicking off at 7.00 pm hope to see you there.

Can't We All Just Get Along?: An apolitical response to political events in Belfast

A member of the Belfast local (in-formation) writes...

On 16th December 2012 about 1000 people gathered at Belfast City Hall in the wake of 2 weeks of demonstrations, some of them violent, by Loyalist protesters angered by the City Councils' decision to fly the Union Flag only on 'designated days' rather than the full 365 days a year as it has done up until now. The gathering at City Hall was billed as being 'about peace' and 'to show that Northern Ireland has moved on'. Leaving aside the facts that the approximately 1000 attendees were 1000 out of about 3500 who had proclaimed to be 'attending' on facebook, and the fact that a Loyalist demonstration the previous day at the same location was able to attract roughly similar numbers, we have to ask, 'moved on' to what?, and for whom?