Members of the Solidarity Federation are active in Plymouth.

SolFed is a union based on the idea that through solidarity and direct action ordinary people have the power to improve their lives. We are not a state-registered trade union or political party. Nor are we a service provider – we can’t solve your problems for you. What we are is fellow workers who are sick of being screwed around ourselves and want to do something about it. If that’s how you feel too – join us! We are stronger when we stand together.


Stealth Cuts to Trans Healthcare in Plymouth

UPDATE: Following publication of our article, the ICB has now released a statement that shared care IS funded in Plymouth after all! Most importantly, they stated:

"[...]GP practices can choose to enter into a shared care arrangement with a clinic for prescribing and monitoring. It is for the individual GP practice to decide whether to enter into these arrangements and is not a decision that NHS Devon are involved in.

"To support GPs, NHS Devon is operating a funding framework for practices who take on shared care arrangements with NHS and non-NHS providers. Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, NHS Devon would provide funding to support the practice.

"We are producing an update to send to all GP practices across Devon to clarify the above information."

We Fought NHS Cuts to ADHD and Autism Services... and we WON

In 2018 Livewell Southwest, the private company who run mental health services in Plymouth, stopped ALL assessments for adult ADHD and autism. There was no announcement, and the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group helped to cover it up - ignoring questions and refusing Freedom of Information requests. However, in October last year, we finally beat them! The NHS agreed to put an extra £500,000 into the service and we soon heard from people on their waiting list who had been offered assessments. This is a report from a Solidarity Federation member involved in organising the campaign

ADHD, Capitalism, and Disability Activism

It seems like every couple months, the ADHD community on twitter has another phase debating capitalism and ADHD. How many of our problems are caused by capitalism, and how many are just a medical condition that will never go away? This tends to end badly, with polarisation and over-simplification on all sides. But if we step away from that for a second, there are some things  worth talking about. A lot of the things ADHDers experience aren't inherent to our condition, and our society could do a lot to make ADHD more livable. How can we make that happen, and what does it have to do with capitalism or disability activism?

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