Sun, 16/09/2012 - 18:20

Poundland in Kilburn Targeted For Anti-Workfare Picket

Earlier today, North London SolFed targeted Poundland as part of our national campaign against workfare. Despite it being a Sunday, the High Road was fairly busy. We arrived early to set up our Stuff Your Boss stall opposite Poundland at the market and received some interest from passers by who were offered informational leaflets about their rights at work (Stuff Your Boss) and their rights as tenants (Stuff Your Landlord) as well as others.

At noon several of us entered the store to talk to the employees, to explain the reasons for our picket and the conversations we had were quite positive. Afterwards we set up our picket and began handing out leaflets to shoppers and passing members of the public. Soon we were also joined by members of other local groups and residents who happened upon our stall in the market.

The general mood was positive and we received a lot of supportive comments from shoppers and even turned a couple of them away. After handing out hundreds of leaflets, we packed up and left, however we'll be returning to Poundland in Kilburn and other locations in North London until they leave the government's work programme. TO BE CONTINUED!

If you want to get involved, please contact us at northlondonsf (at)