The Solidarity Federation workplace organiser training programme is designed to give workers the tools and confidence to organise in their workplaces, whether or not there's an existing union. Even if you've had training from another union, you may find the direct action based approach we adopt offers a fresh perspective.

What does the training cover?

Whether you've got a union or not, join us for a workshop on how to create strong organisation in your workplace. Learn the basics of organising. Topics include:

  • making contacts
  • building a 'shop committee'
  • cross-union activity
  • collectivising grievances
  • workplace mapping
  • types of direct action
  • the basics of an anarcho-syndicalist approach
  • role plays of one-on-ones, group meetings and confronting the boss!

You can download a leaflet (pdf format) here.


The training is delivered by a one-day workshop lasting approximately 8 hours including breaks. Training materials including a 20-page handbook and 'goodie bag' are provided. You just need to bring a pen or pencil, a rough physical sketch of the layout of your workplace, and think of a small, local grievance affecting you and your workmates. The training is designed to incorporate your real-life work situation into some of the role plays to make it as realistic as possible and help tailor it to the trainees' needs. The principles taught in this programme are based on successful organising work over the last decade in the UK and abroad, and the programme is constantly being adapted to incorporate the latest experiences of direct action organising.

What previous attendees have said:

"This is great! I can't wait to start talking to my co-workers and get my organising committee up and running!"

"I've been a union rep for 15 years. I've learned most of these things in that time, but it makes so much sense to have it all collected all in one place."

"I love the practical advice. Some of it's so simple, but you don't realise it until it's there in front of you. I can't wait to go apply it at work."

How to get the training

Get in touch with the Training Coordinator at training[AT]

The training costs £10 per person for the whole day, including lunch. It needs 6-12 participants to run, so either you can come to one we're already running, or get some friends and workmates together and we can organise one especially.