SolFed Guides

   Whether it's at work, in the community or at the job centre - bosses, landlords and the state are always trying to get more from us for less and give us less for more. It might be that you're not getting rest breaks, or your landlord not paying needed repairs, or the job centre are threatening you with sanctions to unemployment or disability payments.
   Working class solidarity and direct action are important in turning the tables, and shifting the balance in our favour. To do that, we've got to know our rights!

Stuff Your Boss

The stuff your boss doesn't want you to know. Basic rights at work, written by workers, for workers. See the text or download the pdf


Stuff Your Sexist Boss

A booklet on the sexism at work and what to do about it. Download the pdf


Stuff Your Landlord

The stuff your landlord doesn't want you to know. Basic housing rights, written by tenants, for tenants. Download the pdf - eng | ita

Office Workers' Health & Safety

A 16-page guide to health and safety issues for office workers. Download the pdf